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First Aid to Mental Illness




First aid for common physical problems is well established. Simplified approaches for emergency situations such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and common concept such as the ABC have been developed, taught, and applied, saving millions of lives.


Despite the frequency of emotional problems, there are currently no simplified approaches to deal with mental illness. Most existing approaches are used to help health care professionals and are not geared towards patients and caregivers.


It is not surprising that emotional disorders are often overlooked. In fact, suffering individuals tend to get worse and become functionally impaired.  If their situation further deteriorates, they eventually become a threat to themselves and others.


What this book can offer?


This book attempts to simplify complex approaches to common mental or emotional illnesses. It provides basic information to help symptomatic individuals and their caregivers recognize the presence of emotional difficulty by identifying the common signs and symptoms present in psychiatric illnesses. This book also provides basic approaches for early remedy and intervention. If successfully applied, these first aid interventions may prevent mental problems from worsening.


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